Classic Alfa Romeo's were originally imported into Thailand by a subsidiary of Berli Jucker, both as CBU and CKD kits from 1965 till 1982. Alfa’s in Thailand are becoming increasingly rare and collectable. All Alfa Romeo’s is a small car. In the past the Alfa Romeo factory was mainly staffed by women because the car required small hands to reach and install certain parts. Giuseppe Merosi was an engineer and the founder of Alfa Romeo. The company originally made its name by producing highly competitive racing cars, indeed Enzo Ferrari worked and raced for Alfa Romeo before starting his own organization. LCC specializes in restoring and repairing Alfa Romeo’s at their Chiang Mai facility in Northern Thailand.

Car Storage

Car Storage

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is the one of most effective process to treat and smooth a surface of any foreign material. Sandblasting helps to rejuvenate the materials and start the process of renew a vehicle. By using compressed air to blast fine sand or other very abrasive materials to the surface as a result this process is faster and more effective than using sandpaper.