Lanna Classic Car Off Road Trip on 04-03-17

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 Off-road trip on March 4, 2017, from Chiang Mai headed to “Mae Kon reservoir “ which is located at Lao village, Pa Nai Sub-district, Phrao District in Chiang Mai. Mae Kon reservoir is a natural tourist attraction, it is a medium-size reservoir, one of Royal initiative projects; the royal irrigation project in Chiang Mai.

In this trip, our company had tested our vehicles’ efficiency including 4 cars: Land Rover Discovery 300 TDI, discovery 200 TDI, Discovery I G4 and Defenders. We started the trip from Chiang Mai to Phrao district by used Chiang Mai – Phrao road, headed to Lao village, Pa Nai Sub-district, Phrao District. We spent about 1.3 hour to arrived at Mae Kon reservoir after that we moved to Mon Lan: “ Highland agriculture development station by His Majesty King at Doi Mon Lan, Phrao District Chiang Mai Province”. Set up tents, sightseeing and stargazing among a beautiful nature and breezy air about 17-20 C.

Then, we came back to Chiang Mai during the way back we came across many beautiful nature yet rough trails. Although, we had been faced with some obstacles such as 

If anyone interested to join us on the next trip, Please contact us, Lanna Classic Cars at, Tel. +6653-353398, +6683-5665531